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Sorry, there´s no magic bullet as our Founders would tell you.

 You've got to  eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. End of story.

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are your investments. Doctors won’t make you healthy. Nutritionists won’t make you slim. Teachers won’t make you smart. Gurus won’t make you calm. Mentors won’t make you rich. Trainers won’t make you fit. Ultimately, you have to take responsibility.

Henceforth,  let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine shall be thy food.

Meet Our Founders: Team Members


Executive Director, The Omni Market, UK.

Nicholas has over 35 years of leadership experience as Chairman and CEO for

companies in the healthcare and retail sectors in the United States and the

Asia Pacific. His expertise includes corporate finance, strategic planning, driving

business growth, and developing key retail partnerships.

Prior to founding The Omni Market UK, Nicholas spent nine years as Executive Chairman of Custompax Inc., a customized nutraceuticals company based in Silicon Valley, USA. His responsibilities included

M&A and leading marketing activities to doctors and specialists in the United States and Asia.

Earlier in his career, Nicholas was Executive Director of West Clinic Asia, where he set up and

expanded operations throughout Asia Pacific and in the Middle East. He has also served as

Chairman of Victoria House, a nutrition company, where he won exclusive rights for GNC 

(General Nutrition Company, USA) for Singapore and Malaysia, and then grew the company into

Indonesia, Guam, Brunei, Japan, South Korea, and China to become GNC’s largest international

franchisee. He later guided Victoria House to a listing on the SGX main board.

In 2020, Nicholas decided to join forces with his old health-industry mate Jude, to form The Omni Market UK, in order to serve the growing demand for functional foods and food-based health solutions around the globe.  Armed with an invaluable network of old business comrades who were enablers in this space, channel partners, bulk buyers and farms which supply ample yet clean, unadulterated produce, Nick and Jude set out to fill the gap in this critical yet much neglected domain.

Today, as Executive Director of The Omni Market UK, Nicholas works in various segments in the functional food space to help buyers, retail managers and senior executives make right and informed business decisions,  deepen business networks, and become trusted advisors to their many stakeholders within the functional foods ecosystem. At every turn and engagement with business stakeholders, he draws on personal experiences gained from establishing greenfield ventures and driving business growth in a wide variety of challenging business and retail environments around the world.

Nicholas spent his early years at Eton College, UK and subsequently went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from Christchurch College, Oxford University, United Kingdom. He is a Freeman of the City of London and writes extensively on the subjects of faith, functional foods and chronic diseases. 



Executive Director, The Omni Market, UK.

Historically, Jude has been in the business of consumer behavior, perception management, product development and strategic marketing, with particular interests in consumer morphology and ethnomethodology, for more than three decades of his life.

Jude's last business portfolio included among other functions, managing the Digital business of an international PLC, where he served as their Chief Operating Officer for 15 years. This division was to spearhead all digital transformation efforts which encompassed a wide range of solutions using a unified digital business platform to create seamless and personalized commercial experiences for consumers in various business verticals. Jude simultaneously led the Adobe Digital Practice which emphasized the use of Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools to optimize and power  customer experiences and consumer purchase triggers in the digital realm.

An ardent exponent of provocative marketing and consumer solutions, Jude had previously served with American Healthcare giant, 21st Century Healthcare Inc. (Tempe, Arizona) where he functioned as their Chief Executive Officer for Asia. With operating bases in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, he successfully opened markets for the American healthcare provider in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, the Middle East and Australia, making it the No.1 brand for health supplements  in Asia.

Jude has worked with over 50 fast moving brands and has successfully seen the fruits of his work, bear profit making results through his early years in the Advertising business. Some of his past clients include Marlboro Cigarettes for Philip Morris Inc. in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei, Hugo Boss, Starbucks Coffee Company, TV3, Porsche, Cerruti 1881, EMI Music and The Pillsbury Company (USA).

Jude exited from the Advertising business after having reached the pinnacle of his career as

Executive Creative Director and later as the CEO of Inter-Pacific Communications,

the Advertising arm of Berjaya Group Berhad, a large Malaysian Public Listed conglomerate 

belonging to billionaire entrepreneur, Tan Sri Vincent Tan.

Jude majored in Behavioral Sciences. His study of behavioral sciences combines elements of psychology and sociology to explore how individuals behave, and how society functions, with a keen focus on what triggers consumer purchase decisions. He is known to be a serial social experimenter - avidly fixated about the human psyche, its triggers, and the thresholds of the human spirit. Inspired by Howard Moskowitz' best seller "Selling Blue Elephants", Jude is constantly in pursuit of making great products that people want, before they even know they want it. 

Jude founded The Omni Market UK, with his wine-loving chum Nicholas Leese in 2020, in order to fulfill a lifelong dream to pursue his chief passion and obsession, 'Good Food'.  Ultimately, Jude wants to influence the way the world consumes food, so that the food we eat will provide us with adequate sustenance and a safe, disease free means to exist, without compromising on natural flavours.

Jude, is a Chevalier for the French Gastronomical Society in Malaysia -

Confrerie De La Chaine Des Rotisseurs, Malaisie. 


The Omni Market is proud to introduce its domain leaders who have dedicated their daily lives to promoting a real understanding of high-quality food and drink and to perfecting their craft, to better serve the human race.
As food and drink is an integral part of human existence, no one takes the business of real foods more seriously than our people, and this has become the raison d'être for their own existence as well.

Meet Our Founders: Text


Executive Chef - Cuisine & Development

Chef Hulme, a British national,  is no newcomer to the kitchen, starting his apprenticeship in the kitchens of Coriander Leaf @ Chijmes in Singapore and subsequently graduating to

Gordon Ramsey's Maze Grill in London for what he calls

an education one cannot forget, by the Master Chef himself.

He then went on to assist Jamie Oliver on the British Food Tour which took him to several parts of the globe where he worked on planning, preparing and styling the dishes for Jamie Oliver during the filming of this series.

In his pursuit to discover and master  the secrets to producing mega-foods in scalable, industrial quantities, Chef Hulme headed off to Surabaya where he was engaged as Executive Chef of a multinational offshore oil and gas corporation, where he helmed a technology driven central kitchen which rolled out an average of 8,000 meals a day, in a variety of cuisines from around the world.

Chef Hulme is a qualified Sports Nutritionist, Master Fitness Trainer & Bio-mechanics Specialist Certified by the International Fitness Professionals Association of USA. He has a Diploma in Food Production & Safety, and is a qualified Chef Instructor. He is currently retained as Nutritional Advisor with GNC or the General Nutrition Corporation Inc. of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.


Wine Guru & Gourmet Mentor

Amy is fondly known as the walking ‘Wine Oracle’ in her business; a respected title bequeathed by fiercely jealous tradesmen in her circle.

It is no surprise that we agree with all of them.

Having been in the wine business for well over 20 years, she had served with several established wine merchants and premier wine institutions in Singapore and abroad,  before heading out on her own to evangelize all things weird and wonderful about this magical elixir we simply call, Wine.

Amy has the sort of deep understanding of the intricacies of wine and cuisine - yet not caught up in the elitism or snobbery that unfortunately pervades Asian gourmet or wine-drinking sentiment and that proneness to being slaves to brands.

Among her accolades are awards collected during her time as the Head Sommelier for the award-winning Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, where Amy was entrusted to seek out a myriad of wines from all over the globe to create an eclectic yet intriguing cellar to enchant even the most pensive wine aficionado or oenophile.

Amy is a Certified Wine Professional, having earned her Professional Wine Qualifications by Sopexa in France, and was a finalist at the prestigious World Gourmet Summit, and ultimately grabbing the coveted Schott Zwiesel Sommelier of the Year Award.



Digital Media Specialist - Cuisine & Culture

Jihan is an  intriguing new-age digital storyteller, from Indonesia. Hailing from Jakarta, she tells human stories from angles which escape your everyday imagination. A highly passionate videographer and photographer, she quietly seeks to reveal the stealth like emotions of  human behavior through her lenses.

Jihan is an experienced professional in the art and science of advertising, particularly in the digital and e-commerce space. She possesses a multitude of mission-critical skills in this space which include branding, digital art direction & design, social media planning,  big-data and analytics and naturally, storytelling.

Her particular focus is on food, all forms of food – from farm to fork; cuisine photography, food product promotions, food styling and new market propositions for cuisines, chefs, tableware, retail stores, and the culture which comes with it - the list really, is quite inexhaustible.

But her true passion lies in capturing the elusive slice of life through the lens of her camera.  Jihan uses her passion with film to create compelling digital advertising and marketing material for our international gourmet Clients as she shares her expertise to capture the true essence of the cuisines and culture we develop, for our stable of international Clients and partners.

Meet Our Founders: Team Members
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