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Digestive issues are arguably one of the curses of the modern world. Everywhere people are complaining of bloating, gas, acid reflux and general digestive discomfort after eating or drinking. Yet like many of today’s ailments we need look no further than the mirror. The body is constructed using the laws of cause and effect especially with respect to our key source of wellness, our gut and when something goes wrong inevitably there is a smoking gun.

The phrase “you are what you eat” is halfway accurate. The end truth is you are what you digest. Therefore, are digestive enzymes key to better digestion, gut health and nutrient absorption? Surprising as it may seem, up until relatively recently, little was known about how your digestive system actually works. Today, there’s a growing incidence of illnesses that, when traced back to the source, appear to be linked to nutrient malabsorption due to a lack of digestive enzymes.

Why are enzymes for digestion important in avoiding illness? The role of digestive enzymes is primarily to act as catalysts in speeding up specific, life-preserving chemical reactions in the body. Essentially, they help break down larger molecules into more easily absorbed particles that the body can actually use to survive and thrive.

All enzymes are catalysts that enable molecules to be changed from one form into another. The digestive enzymes definition is “enzymes that are used in the digestive system.” These enzymes help break down large macromolecules found in the foods we eat into smaller molecules that our guts are capable of absorbing, thus supporting gut health and making sure the nutrients are delivered to the body.


Man is the only animal that eats cooked and processed food. Sadly, it’s not only unnatural but unhealthy. Enzymes are sensitive. Any sustained heat and most forms of processing food destroy crucial enzymes which our body needs. When we refer to processed food we are talking of a host of ingredients pervasive in the modern-day diet. White flour, white rice, gluten, pasteurized milk, processed cheese and spreads, desserts, candy, cured meats and so on. All arrive in the stomach devoid of the enzymes the body needs to digest them and sit in the stomach instead leaching toxins creating an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and inevitably causing discomfort.

But the story unfortunately doesn’t end there many processed foods and virtually all carbonated soft drinks and alcohol contain acid. Enzymes hate acid as much as they do heat so not only are we not delivering fresh enzymes to the body our diet also serves to deplete those that we have. The result is that instead of benefiting from pre-digestion as nature intended, the food you eat sits in your stomach for days, like heavy cargo, with little or no pre-digestion taking place.

The undigested food provides a vast breeding ground for all kinds of parasites and harmful bacteria as it moves through the intestinal tract and on into the colon. So, if you have digestive issues, consume processed food regularly, have gluten and dairy intolerance issues, experience fatigue and lack of energy after eating, or experience indigestion or acid reflux after consuming alcohol - The chances are you are enzyme deficient!


Enzymes are a type of protein found within cells which create vital chemical reactions in the body. They are the body’s alchemist critical in building muscle, destroying toxins and breaking down food so it can be effectively synthesized, and its full nutritional value realized. They are particularly required for proper digestive function beginning in the salivary glands in the form of ptyalin but also being present in the pancreas, stomach and small intestine. Basically, there are three key enzymes

  1. Amylase which breaks down starches and carbohydrates into sugars that convert into glucose for energy

  2. Protease that breaks down proteins into amino acids especially important to nerve health and vital in protecting the kidneys of diabetes patients.

  3. Lipase which breaks down lipids in fats and oils into glycerol and essential fatty acids vital which cannot be made by the body and are vital for the absorption of vitamins and minerals, production of hormones, nerve function and normal growth and repair.

  4. Enzymes are the oil for the body’s engine vital in assuring that the key functions of the gut immune health, blood glucose, repair and detox are functioning normally and maintaining a comfortable environment that mitigate against the symptoms of digestive distress.


Digestive enzymes are found in plants and honey, but the ocean is also a particularly rich and natural source. Scientists are discovering that the unbelievably complex and fecund oceanic bio-system yields a host of natural substances with substantial health benefits. Particularly it would seem that enzymes sourced from the sea are naturally resilient to temperature variations and salinity coming as they do from a harsh environment. This means they work more efficiently in your stomach.


Regular supplementation with Pro-FX digestive enzymes minimizes the assault on your stomach, reduces the overproduction of hydrochloric acid, takes stress off the pancreas, maximizes the extraction of energy and nutrients, and prevents the draining of the body's energy reserves - all by providing the enzymes required for digestion as nature intended. In other words, Pro-FX is a well-designed digestive enzyme and may be one of the best insurance policies you can give your body to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Assuming you're not eating a mostly raw, thoroughly chewed diet, regular supplementation with digestive enzymes minimizes the assault on your stomach, reduces the overproduction of hydrochloric acid, takes stress off the pancreas, maximizes the extraction of energy and nutrients, and prevents the draining of the body's energy reserves - all by providing the enzymes required for digestion as nature intended. In other words, a well-designed digestive enzyme supplement like Pro-FX just may be one of the best insurance policies you can give your body to enjoy a long and healthy life.


Have you ever eaten a pasta dinner and then felt really sick afterwards? Or maybe a dish of ice cream had a similar effect? It could be that you, like many people, have trouble digesting gluten or casein. While cases of gluten or casein intolerance are rare, many of us still feel lousy after eating bread, pasta, or ice cream, or after drinking milk. That's because these proteins are just plain hard to digest.

So, what are gluten and casein? Gluten is a protein found in grass-related grains, such as wheat, barley, and rye. Casein is the main protein of dairy products, and found in milk, yogurt, and ice cream. Most breads, pastas, and cereals are made from high-gluten grains. Even though most of them are "enriched" with vitamins or minerals, we're not getting those nutrients. Because of the difficulty in breaking down gluten, we're mostly absorbing the sugar and fats—not the protein and the nutrients. That's why those who eat a lot of pasta or bread can really pack on the pounds.

Pro-FX has been shown to break down the proteins in gluten and casein. An effective enzyme spray like Pro-FX won't just help with gluten and casein digestion, it includes other enzymes that assist in the digestion of fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and other hard proteins.

Pro-FX helps break down all these protein molecules and aids in the efficient and swift breakdown of such gluten and casein containing foods, and aids in the proper and natural digestion of such foods.



Spraying 2 to 3 puffs of ProFX onto your food before consuming it helps with the pre-digestion of your meals. Spraying ProFX directly onto food also helps break down toxins found in the food you are about to consume. These include pesticides, herbicides, food coloring agents, bacterial toxins, and preservatives. ProFX should not be sprayed onto hot beverages like coffee or Tea or hot soups.


Spraying 2 to 3 puffs of ProFX into your mouth helps break down large food molecules into smaller particles in your stomach, which result in the required break down of food which you consume and leads to a swift and efficient digestion of the meal. Spraying ProFX directly into your mouth also helps prevent symptoms such as a bloated stomach, accumulation of gas, indigestion and gastritis.


  • People who have digestive issues and display regular symptoms of bloating of the stomach, indigestion, gas build-up, gastritis, and acid reflux.

  • People who consume processed foods regularly. These include fast foods, bread, pasta, pizza, noodles, ham, canned foods, processed cheese, white flours, wheat, sugar and other various forms of everyday processed foods.

  • People who have problems consuming and digesting gluten-based foods and milk-based food products.

  • People who experience fatigue and lack of energy especially after consuming their meals.

  • People who consume alcohol regularly. Alcohol consumption can change the efficiency with which your body breaks down foods and toxins, resulting in detrimental liver and health complications. Spraying Pro-FX prior to and after consuming alcohol will help process and break down the alcohol in the digestive system better.



Nicholas Leese (M.A. OXON),

Former Executive Chairman of GNC Vitamins in Asia.

The world of vitamins and natural products has dominated my working life.

Thirty years ago, I decided to convert a passion into a business and bought the GNC franchise for Singapore. As the years went by, we added Malaysia, China, Australia and other territories to the operation. The exciting thing for me as executive chairman of the group was not only were we introducing natural healing to many who had never considered it an option but it also served as a platform for research and development of new products.

Also, as an avenue to work together with the traditional medical community in complimentary holistic treatments. At various times I have worked with Oxford university on the evidence basing of natural products, oncology groups in the USA in the use of natural products in supporting patients post chemo and radiation therapy particularly in helping rebuild their digestive and immune systems and the customization of formulations of natural products based on blood analysis.

The Achilles heel of all-natural medicines is clear empirical evidence that the products work. Sadly, much of what is sold is on the basis of a never prophylactic promise that appears at best to be poorly researched smoke and mirrors and at worst a scam. This is a tragedy as it has meant that many people have denied themselves a feasible natural alternative to prescription medications.

I have decided to create this blog from the user’s viewpoint. I am not a doctor although I’ve worked with the medical community, specifically oncologists, for many years. The products I review have to pass two tests. Clear empirical evidence of efficacy based on three criteria. First that I have taken the product myself resulting in a clear successful outcome. Second that friends and associates have also enjoyed the same benefit as a result of their usage and lastly that they contain well researched natural ingredients that ‘do no harm’ but offer the possibility of clear and tangible relief and support.

I hope my stories are helpful, as you embark on your personal journey of healing.

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